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App Blois-Chambord

In Blois-Chambord - Val de Loire you will have the opportunity to discover all year long a royal city and its natural landscape. The Tourist Office of BLOIS CHAMBORD made every effort to facilitate your stay thanks to the App Blois Chambord Tour.

Find all the good places of accommodation, feeding and leisure activities through the cartography, the routes of visits or the deposited comments.

An application designed to find everything quickly and to miss nothing thanks to the diary.


More than 100 sites to discover differently in partnership with the label Cities of Art and History.

The Visit' Blois application was designed as a real Centre of Interpretation of the Architecture and the Heritage (CIAP). Increased reality, visit tour, slide shows, videos, games are alongside the presentation of more than 100 major points of interest.

The application enhances all the facets of the identity of Blois. So, the heritage of gastronomy or the Loire history are presented in the same way as the architectural heritage.

A walk on the edges of the Loire will allow the visitors to discover the flora and fauna of the famous river as well as the exceptional relation between Blois and its river. The users of the application will discover the implemented ways for the conservation of this living environment as the relaxed rhythm of Blois’s life described by Jean de La Fontaine or Victor Hugo.


GuidiGO is the personal guide that allows you to discover the world differently.

You reach interactive guided tours created by those who know best the sites which you visit ; local experts and passionate inhabitants.

Choose a visit in connection with your centers of interest: History, Architecture, Art, Mode… and let yourself be guided, on your rhythm, in the course of the original narrative and of the route imagined by the author. The range of the available visits under GuidiGO widens a little more every day!